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Using LED Bulbs In Electric Lanterns

Lanterns offer a classically beautiful form of lighting for your home, inside and out. With origins in a time when the framework housed candles, not gas or electric-fueled light, modern electric lanterns allow you to merge traditional design with the convenience, economy, and safety of light bulbs. Now, modern technology has enhanced the selling points […]

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All About Entryway Lighting

Lighting the way into your home requires lighting that allows your or guests to enter safely. If you are coming in with an armload of grocery bags or your granny is coming for dinner, you want to make sure that there is enough illumination to prevent you or your guests from tripping on the doormat […]

Choosing Between Gas vs Electric Lanterns

Gas vs Electric Lanterns Looking for a beautiful copper lantern for the exterior of your home? You may wonder which style will look best in your yard, but an important question to consider is whether to go for an electric or gas lantern. Lantern & Scroll offer fixtures in both gas and electric so that […]

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The Secret to Selecting the Ideal Interior Lighting

Within your home, the purpose of lighting is to simulate daylight throughout, while providing more intense light to perform tasks such as cooking, reading, woodworking, crafting, and home office work. Perhaps that is why basic flush mount lighting fixtures are a staple in the rooms of most apartments and homes, with a chandelier appropriated to the dining […]

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The Brilliant History of Copper Lighting in the US

Long before the dawn of gas and electric lighting, copper was the material of choice to light the night inside and out. While its usage has fluctuated over the years, it retains a bright spot in American lighting history. Overcoming The Dimness Of Colonial Times As historians have pointed out, early America was not a well-lit […]

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The Ultimate Lighting Makeover Checklist

No matter what style of home you have or how you have decorated it, appropriate and plentiful lighting makes it better. Having stylish, well placed lighting shows off furnishings, carpet, art, and collectibles to best advantage whether you are upgrading your home for yourself or to put it on the market. Real estate agents often […]

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12 Reasons Lanterns are Better than Lamps

Lanterns are a form of lighting that protects the source of light with a metal frame. Originally portable lighting that people carried to illuminate dark grounds and streets, now the most beautiful ones are permanently installed as street lights and as interior and exterior lighting fixtures on buildings and homes. Although they do the job […]

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Lanterns Create Stunning Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to how your home looks to those passing by. Places with detailed landscaping, careful maintenance, and inviting features “sell” your neighborhood as great a place to live; if you are actually selling your home, curb appeal also gets buyers in the door. An attractive, well-kept exterior sends the message that the inside […]

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Creating a Copper Christmas

Christmas is a season of warmth, that evokes images of family gatherings around a crackling fire, enjoying mulled drinks, and making memories. To make your home ready for the celebration, you may enhance your décor with a tree, garlands, wreaths, and ornaments. For an added dimension of warmth, make sure some of your embellishments include […]

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The Appeal of Statement Lighting

Lighting can turn a dark space into one that is bright, functional, and inviting, which makes it an important component in interior design both inside and outside the home. Light fixtures are often statement pieces that add beauty and cohesion to a home, as the lighting piece itself attracts attention. The design can be a […]

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Hosting a Memorable Southern Thanksgiving

When Thanksgiving rolls around in the South, people gather to enjoy delicious food, mingle with family and friends, and probably watch football. If you are hosting the celebration, it falls on you to prepare the food everyone loves and expects, present the family favorites in style, and make a house full of guests feel welcome. […]

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Embracing the Copper Trend In Home Decor

For the past few years, interior designers have predicted that a new metal would unseat stainless and white metals as the reigning favorite in home décor. In 2016, copper with its reddish-brown hues emerged as the new favorite for range hoods, hardware, interior and exterior light fixtures, and interior accent pieces; as well as outdoor features […]