copper porch light

Welcome Yourself Home To A Copper Porch Light

After a long day, coming home to find the porch light on is welcoming. It reminds you of why you left for work in the first place: to create a refuge for yourself and your family. Investing in a quality copper porch light is an excellent way to not only maximize the potential of entryway light, but […]

Exterior Copper Lighting Patio Lighting Lantern and Scroll 16 - Tips & Trends

Gas Lanterns For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Gas Lanterns For Your Outdoor Kitchen Outdoor dining is an American past time. According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), 75% of all US households have a grill or smoker outside on their deck, patio, balcony, or driveway. Over the last few years, alfresco dining has moved to a whole new level as […]

traditional gas lantern

Should You Use Gas Lanterns Indoor When Restoring Your Period Home?

Gaslighting has not been popular for interior or exterior use since 1900, but some period homes still have old gas fixtures installed. When renovating, some homeowners who wish to retain historical accuracy wonder whether to restore the old traditional gas lanterns along with other updates. While there are ways to utilize gas-fueled fixtures inside the home, it […]

kitchen lantern

Bring Queen Street Heritage To Your Home With Hanging Kitchen Lanterns

Charleston, the oldest and largest city in the South Carolina, is a popular destination for tourists in search of great food, lots to do, and a sense of history. Most hungry visitors find their way to Queen Street, home of top restaurants and hotels that feature Lowcountry cuisine, a unique type of Southern cooking famous […]

hanging yoke light

Capitalize On The Beauty Of A Hanging Yoke Light

Before the streets of Charleston and many other cities were lit with electric arc lighting in the late 19th century, illuminating the night was a challenging proposition. The earliest attempts at making safer and more convenient for travelers included mounting flaming lanterns on homes or posts or carrying a candle or torch. Once oil lamps […]

Revisit Vauxhall Gardens With Its London inspired Traditional Lanterns - Tips & Trends

Revisit Vauxhall Gardens With Its London-inspired Traditional Lanterns

Of the 109 square acres of land in the city of Charleston, more than 20% is currently devoted to public parks, while many properties, even in the historic downtown have private gardens. There was a time, however, when a third type of green space was offered to paying visitors who came to enjoy walks, refreshments, […]

outdoor copper lighting

Bringing Historic Tradd Street To Life With Outdoor Copper Lighting

Tradd Street, which cuts across Charleston from the Ashley River to the Cooper River, frequently appears on lists of historic streets to view in modern Charleston. Paved with cobblestone and naturally-rounded Belgian block, the homes are illuminated with copper carriage lanterns, a feature that remains constant even as old homes are continuously renovated to meet the […]

copper exterior lighting

Watch The Patina Develop On Your Copper Exterior Lighting

Known for its rich red-brown color when a lantern or sculpture is made, or a roof is installed, copper changes color to various shades of green, blue, brown, and pink. This color change, known as patina, develops when the oxygen in the air interacts with the metal. Patina is so valued that metalworkers and artists […]

contemporary gas lantern

Do You Need An Electronic Ignition For Your Contemporary Gas Lantern

Gas lanterns produce an intense light that makes them a popular way to illuminate the entrance to your home. Unlike electric lanterns, they are always on, which make operating costs higher than for an electric model that can turned on and off with the flip of a switch. If they are extinguished by wind, gas […]

wall mounted lanterns

Adding Wall Mounted Lanterns And Sconces To Your Home Decor

Wall mounted fixtures attached to your wall have one main job: To work with ceiling mounted fixtures and lamps to supplement natural light in a room. In fulfilling their purpose, wall mounted lights provide lighting with style. What Wall Mounted Fixtures Offer Fixtures of this type are also called sconces, which may make you think of […]

lantern style lighting

Does Lantern Style Lighting Work In Contemporary Homes?

If you own a historic or period home or a traditional house that you decorate with rustic charm, lantern style lighting makes for a beautiful and somewhat expected lighting choice. The rich metals, the vintage detail, and the curls and scrolls complement the lines of these homes. However, if you have contemporary home, will lighting designed centuries […]

outdoor copper lighting

Welcome To Vendue Range, Inspiration For Outdoor Copper Lighting

As the oldest and largest city in South Carolina, Charleston has many points of interest that harken back to its early days as a commercial port. Vendue Range, a street that now leads to a waterfront park with a beautiful fountain, was once a thriving center populated with shoppers who flocked to booths marked by […]