Are you a builder or designer interested in our classic, American made, commercial lighting? Our various gas lanterns and electric lanterns are sure to please even the pickiest of clients.

At Lantern and Scroll we welcome commercial lighting requests from our commercial clients. We frequently provide commercial lighting for subdivisions, commercial buildings, municipalities, and condominiums. The quality of our commercial lighting is simply unrivaled. Our commercial lights are made to last last a lifetime. We are proud to help builders and designers with either off-the-shelf lighting solutions or through a custom designed commercial lights.

Please call (704-333-5088) or email ( to inquire about commercial lighting bulk pricing, our designer program, and custom work.

At Lantern & Scroll we pride ourselves on being your, “least hassle decision.” We look forward to working with you and making your job a little easier.

Karen H. Good


HomeArama Home Tour, Charlotte NC. Summer 2015.

Charlotte Urban Homes copy

Development on Selwyn Ave, Charlotte NC

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Town Homes, Charlotte NC

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Town Homes, Charlotte NC

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