December 18, 2017
wall mounted lanterns

Creating a Copper Christmas

Christmas is a season of warmth, that evokes images of family gatherings around a crackling fire, enjoying mulled drinks, and making memories. To make your home ready for the celebration, you may enhance your décor with a tree, garlands, wreaths, and ornaments. For an added dimension of warmth, make sure some of your embellishments include rich copper tones.

Copper is a metal that has come into its own in 2017 as both designers and consumers see it as an alternative to cooler metallic finishes such as stainless and brushed nickel. Not surprisingly, it is a very popular tone in Christmas embellishments.

Creating A Copper Christmas

Here are five ways to capitalize on the trend by creating a copper Christmas:

  1. Ornaments in shiny copper tone offer a refined alternative to traditional red and green decoration. The metal is considered both warm and cool, while adding elegance and refinement that blends with any décor style. Alone or in clusters, copper ornaments look great on the tree, over windows, and atop the mantel.
  2. Have a small space for a Christmas tree, want a different look, or need a second tree? A tree crafted of copper piping and strung with lights offers a sleek alternative that won’t shed pine needles. Loving crafted as a holiday project, the copper tree will last for decades.
  3. If you enjoy a Moscow Mule at this time of year, you need to drink it in hammered copper mule mug, the classic beverage container for this drink made of vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, and fruit. Copper keeps the drink extra cool, and according to devoted drinkers, improves the taste and makes the most of the experience.
  4. Infuse your Christmas table with copper accents. Copper charger plates add an elegant accent to your china, continued by copper napkin rings, candle holders, and a floral centerpiece in a copper pot.
  5. Christmas lights strung on copper wire add a special glow to a tree, but they can also be twisted into holiday shapes with breathtaking results. Since the light are insulated and weatherproof, they can be safely used inside or out. They burn at low temperature so they are economical to operate

Incorporating Copper In Year Round Home Design

Shimmering coppery tones are just right for the holiday, but the trend is strong year-round. Since the look is predicted to be strong for years to come, you can also incorporate copper into ongoing décor. If part of your preparation for the holidays includes some remodeling to make your house ready for visitors, now is the time to upgrade interior and exterior lighting with timeless copper light fixtures and accents.

For example, adding copper pendant lights from Lantern & Scroll over your sink, table, and island and upgrading the knobs on your drawers and cabinets to copper will add lasting warmth and allure. New wall mounted lanterns, yard lights, or driveway lights powered by gas or electricity can bring the warmth of copper to your home’s exterior. Both fixtures and hardware are available in styles that blend with your overall design, whether it be contemporary, rustic, traditional, or industrial. To add a festive holiday touch, you can add additional lights or garland to your copper fixtures.

Enjoy the warmth of copper at the holidays and throughout the new year.