January 17, 2018
flush mount lighting

The Secret to Selecting the Ideal Interior Lighting

Within your home, the purpose of lighting is to simulate daylight throughout, while providing more intense light to perform tasks such as cooking, reading, woodworking, crafting, and home office work. Perhaps that is why basic flush mount lighting fixtures are a staple in the rooms of most apartments and homes, with a chandelier appropriated to the dining room and matching flush mount or semi-flush mount fixtures (or maybe even a modest chandelier) relegated to the kitchen. Although execution may be unimpressive, the idea of efficiently providing ambient light was on target as it fulfilled the first goal of interior lighting: To illuminate the general area.

Going beyond the basics requires understanding the additional lighting needs of each room and then finding a way to make what is functional also beautiful. To reach the goals of functionality and beauty also involves an understanding of different types of lighting fixtures.

Understanding Your Light Fixture Options

You can provide room lighting with any of the following fixtures:

Flush mount lights hug the ceiling to unobtrusively provide light to the general area. Since the only way to change the bulb is to remove the glass or plastic globe or cover, they’re best for ceilings not more than 8′ high. The most basic flush mount lights have simple square, round, or oval coverings that hug the ceiling, although the round “boob” light is popular as well.

Semi-flush mount fixtures have a small gap between the light and the ceiling, with a stem that protrudes downward to secure the globe. Similar to a pendant light but closer to the ceiling, this type of fixture is good for ceilings that are 9′ or 10′ high. Changing light bulbs is easier as the whole fixture cover does not need to be removed. This type of lighting is considered more stylish even if it is rather plain.

Wall mount or sconces are mounted vertically on a wall to provide uplight, downlight, or light from both ends. They are used in conjunction with ceiling-mounted lights to add to the illumination, alleviate glare, and showcase a wall hanging or provide layered lighting that prevents shadows on your face in the bathroom. Wall lighting can be directly attached to the wall or may have an arm that pulls our to light up a desk or reading area in the bedroom.

Chandeliers are hanging fixtures that are often the focal point of the room or that are part of the focal point, as in the case of dining room fixtures that are impressive by themselves but that showcase the table.

Pendant lights are hanging fixtures used for general illumination or task lighting. While attractive, they are less imposing, less bulky, and often less expensive than chandeliers.

Recessed lights shrink into holes in the ceiling. Since they do not hang down, they work well on low ceilings and are unobtrusive enough that you can obtain whole room coverage by using these lights in sides or corners of room that ceiling lights may not reach. Also called can lights or pot lots, they do not fight with the style that chandeliers or flush mounted fixtures might offer; they are a perennial and universal style. Sealed versions of recessed lighting are good in showers or other areas where moisture is likely.

Track lighting consists of bar with several fixtures mounted on it that can illuminate areas of a room or highlight a painting or other feature. The look originated in the 1980’s but the style has stuck around as is good way to add directional lighting without cutting into the ceiling to add electrical boxes or wiring.

Lamps are the ultimate portable lighting that can supplement other room illumination. They may require floor or table space, but can be a beautiful and useful addition to a room.

Choosing The Best Options For Flush Mount Lighting

Most rooms require that you use multiple types of lighting to provide the right amount of luminescence to do the job. For many rooms, using flush mount lighting offers enough general lighting to allow you to get to the place in a room where you might perform a task that needs more direct light. The fixture you choose can be low-key so that it blends with other lighting or be one with more character.

For flush mount lighting in common areas such as vestibules, foyers, halls, kitchens, family rooms, living rooms, and more, lanterns from Lantern & Scroll provide distinctive, yet functional general lighting. Collections such as John StreetTrenholm, and Midtown offer flush mount or semi-flush mount options for illuminating your home with style.

Custom Options From Lantern & Scroll

While all our fixtures are made of copper, you might choose an impressive fixture in that tone or desire another tone to complement your room. All our interior fixtures are available in powder coated finishes that include black, white, silver, aged bronze, and shades of blue and grey. You can choose the color you want for internal finishes and accessories too, so that your lantern is perfect for your room.

Ceiling lights do not have the top finials prominent in many of our products. While only several collections feature flush mount lights, we can custom make a lantern that blends with any collection. If you are looking for lighting, the sky (or at least the ceiling) is the limit. Lantern & Scroll, which has designed lighting for many commercial projects, is happy to work with individual homeowners who want their lights to hug their ceilings in style. You can design your light from the customization options found on the website or talk with us about what you want.

To make it easy for you to order the exact light you want, we invite you to visit our Charlotte showroom, equipped with blueprints or pictures of your home, along with all the vital statistics such as room sizes and locations of windows and doors. By bringing is this information, we can help you develop a coordinated lighting plan as well as create the exact fixture you want to brighten up your home.