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Lantern & Scroll

Dallas Market Center
The Gallery – GL08
2000 N. Stemmons Frwy
Dallas Texas, 75207


Store: 704.333.5088


The Showroom Experience

“Prior to opening Lantern & Scroll, I had never been to a lighting showroom and actually enjoyed the experience. There was always too much clutter-ducking and dodging the cheap Chinese made lights. Every light looked similar, tacky, or simply out of date; and I felt resigned to just pick ‘something’.

When we opened Lantern & Scroll, we sought a better lighting showroom experience.

The Lantern & Scroll’s Charlotte lighting store offers an intimate and comfortable shopping experience. Take your time to browse, have a glass of wine, and learn about the pedigree of each collection. In person, you are able to see the superior quality and craftsmanship of our American factory and dedicated coppersmiths.

If you prefer a customized fixture, we have in our showroom parts, samples, and drawings to help facilitate design. By trial and error together we can make your perfect light a reality.

If you are undecided on which light to choose, we gladly invite you to take sample lights home to determine what size and style is perfect for your location.

When you do visit our showroom, it is helpful to have the following:

  1. Pictures or blueprints of your home.
  2. Number of light fixtures needed and their placement.
  3. Heights of any relevant doors, ceilings, or garages.

Charlotte Showroom Hours

Due to construction, our Charlotte lighting store is open by appointment only. Call us to schedule your appointment.

Open: Monday-Friday, 10:30am-5:30pm

Always Open Online

We also, of course, extend our legendary service to our wonderful online customers. Over the years we have fostered lasting relationships with many of our customers and designers who live beyond the Carolinas. Please call or email us today to experience our renowned customer service. If you prefer to see our lights in real-time, many of our customers utilize Skype and Facetime to connect with us live.

Layover At CLT, Charlotte’s Airport?

Let us pick you up and whisk you through our Charlotte lighting store. We can arrange pickup and drop-off from the airport. Let us show you our homegrown Southern hospitality first-hand.

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