November 15, 2017
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Embracing the Copper Trend In Home Decor

For the past few years, interior designers have predicted that a new metal would unseat stainless and white metals as the reigning favorite in home décor. In 2016, copper with its reddish-brown hues emerged as the new favorite for range hoods, hardware, interior and exterior light fixtures, and interior accent pieces; as well as outdoor features such as weathervanes and gutters. While some professional thought that the trend toward copper might be short lived, this metallic tone remains a strong favorite going in 2018.

This reason is clear. Copper exudes a warmth that other metals do not. Even if you use other metals, copper also “plays well with others” and can be used to add a luxurious feel to your home. In your kitchen, even if you opt for stainless appliances or go the other increasingly popular tones such as black-silver, copper works. While it is not important to match all the metallic tones, one metal should be dominant and the other used as statement pieces to keep your space in harmony.

Both professionals and consumers in search of a new look for their home have incorporated copper in the interesting ways. Whether you want to use copper as an accent or embrace it in a major way such as a traditional or contemporary lantern, here are some ways you might want to try.

Introduce Copper Accents Into Your Home

If you like copper, there are simple ways you can bring its warmth into your home with changeable accent pieces.

  • Cabinet and drawer hardware. Upgrading your kitchen and bathroom hardware with copper door and drawer pulls looks great on white, black, or wood-toned cabinets.
  • Copper cookware and appliances. For small appliances such a toaster, kettles, crockpots, and more, copper is a among the newest color options. Kitchenaid even offers a stand mixer in copper that may be the focal point of your counters. These appliances team up well with copper cookware, available in at low to moderate prices for a set with copper finishes to well over $1,500 for a high end set of solid copper pots and pans from Mauviel M’heritage.
  • Copper-framed mirrors. A copper mirror can add a touch of warmth whether it features nautical styling for a beach-themed room or smooth lines for a more contemporary décor. The finishes can be textured or patterned or even made from pennies – a nice craft project from pennies and old frames you may have around your home.
  • Copper accent furnishings. Chairs and side tables made of polished or hammered copper look rich in a room of wooden and upholstered furniture, while copper stools look great around a kitchen island. Crafty DIYers can even craft side pieces from copper piping.
  • Copper tableware. From drinkware for holiday Moscow Mules to everyday flatware, copper adds a fresh look to the table. Copper chafing dishes keep food warm at parties while contributing to the elegance of your buffer table.

Major Commitments To The Look Of Copper

If you like copper well enough to invest in major permanent pieces, here are some additional ways to incorporate it:

  • Kitchen appliances. So far, the “copper toned” appliances popular in the 1970s have not come back into style, but Whirlpool recently introduced Sunset Bronze into its lineup of stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers. The color, achieved by color blocking the ordinal stainless with the new color, offers the texture and fingerprint resistance of stainless with a new look and is striking when paired with light wood or black cabinetry, the effect is striking. The effect is warm, but not may not lend itself to many kitchen styles or cabinet colors.
  • Range hoods and sinks. Especially in kitchens that have a rustic or cottage feel, a copper farmhouse sink and /or a range hood in gleaming copper adds style and function. Sinks are resistant to rust and corrosion while offering antibacterial properties that make for a healthier, cleaner kitchen. Both sinks and range hoods come in a smooth or hammered finshes; even if you don’t polish them, the metal develops a beautiful patina over time. If you have a more contemporary kitchen, the products are available in styles to enhance any décor. Some styles of range hoods even feature copper straps and rivets set against a different tone body for an appealing designer look.
  • Copper and bronze faucets. Oil-rubbed bronze (ORB) and copper finishes are an exciting addition to the range of faucets available for kitchen and baths. Copper sinks look particularly great with ORB, while bright or antique copper models work with other porcelain or stainless sinks.
  • Copper-clad walls. Forget shiplap, go copper for an unusual accent wall! Copper, as well as brass or bronze, work well inside or out on flat, circular, or other irregularly-shaped walls. When used in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal configurations, the style can be contemporary or traditional.

The Piece de Resistance Of Copper Décor – Lighting Fixtures

Whether you want to illuminate the inside or outside of your home in style, copper lighting fixtures from Lantern & Scroll provide the look and function you want. With a family of collections that reproduce classic styles from colonial, pre-war, and antebellum Charleston to offer a new take on classic styles, Lantern & Scroll offers authentic, hand-fabricated gas and electric lanterns to grace your home with a beautiful touch of copper.

You might choose simple sconces to illuminate your dining room or hang pendants from the Queen Street Collection over your island if you want an understated look or select a wall mounted, flush mounted, or wall mounted style from the Vauxhall or High Battery Collection for a more ornate look.

Because most collections come in a variety of sizes and mountain styles, you can coordinate your lighting with a post/column mounted yard light, a flush mounted ceiling light on your porch, and a wall mounted porch light in styles that range from the classic Charleston Collection to the latticed St. Michael Alley to the clean lines of the Market Street Collection.

Our website shows the spectrum of styles we currently offer, but we also do custom work. Many styles commissioned for our commercial customers eventually become part of our repertoire available on our website.

Add the ultimate touch of copper with a genuine American -made lantern from Lantern & Scroll.