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When you want to bathe your porch, entryway, kitchen, or any other room in light, a hanging lantern is the way to do it. How better to illuminate the interior or exterior of your home than with a fixture reminiscent of what was considered high style in 19th century Charleston?

The CH-26 from Lantern & Scroll is a hanging copper light made in the style most often associated with lanterns in the Lowcountry, The four sides consist of a top and bottom section of glass framed by a copper cage that hangs from the ceiling with a chain or cord. While the bulbs send light upward, this fixture emits a considerable amount of ambient light into all directions since there is so much glass,

Illuminating With A Hanging Copper Light

Sized at 18h x 10.5w x 10.5d, the CH-26 can also be used in places where you want more focused light,, such as over a kitchen counter or a dining room table. By adjusting the amount of drop from the ceiling, the hanging lantern can function as a pendant light that gives you the right light for tasks.

Your choice of light bulb wattage will determine the brightness of the light. While you might want a bright light to guide you where you are chopping vegetables, you might want a less obtrusive one hanging above where you are eating them as part of a romantic dinner.

Order A Custom Hanging Lantern

This fixture is all electric, offering you the choice a single bulb or a 2- or 3- light cluster. It comes with finishes of solid copper, aged bronze, and black which are suitable for interior or exterior use, as well as beautiful decorator colors such as copper, aged bronze, or black finishes. When used indoors, we offer a broader color palette that includes White, Floral White, Silver, Cobalt Blue, Saipan Blue, Marine Grey, and Grey Lady.

Lantern & Scroll, which specializes in reproduction of other CH-26 and other hanging lanterns, will customize the right hanging copper light for you.

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  • (Electric) 2 Light Brass Cluster
  • Tempered Clear Glass
  • Solid Copper Finish
  • Electrical Components Brass Finish
  • Standard 18 inches
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  • (Electric) 2 Light Brass Cluster
  • Tempered Clear Glass
  • Solid Copper Finish
  • Electrical Components Brass Finish
  • Standard 18 inches
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CH-26 Schematic

CH-26 Dimension

Dimensions: 18h x 10.5w x 10.5d
Chain Included: 18 inches
Mounting Plate Dimensions: 5.25h x 5.25w