May 22, 2017
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Did You Know You Can Customize Lanterns? Here’s How

It’s another great day in the showroom. Our store was featured on a few weeks ago, and we couldn’t be more excited about the news!

customize lanterns

In the article, you can read all about our journey from when we first opened in 2009 all the way to our venture into online sales. Being able to offer our lanterns to you online has been one of the best developments for our business because now you’re able to envision your custom lanterns before you buy them! Isn’t technology an amazing thing?

Customizable Lanterns


customize lanterns


Oh, you didn’t know?! Yep, you can customize any lantern online or in-store, and we’ll let you know exactly how long it will take to produce (because everything is made right here in the USA). Below are some of the features you can utilize to customize lanterns and make every fixture completely your own.

Exterior Finish

customize lanternsPerhaps you prefer a shiny copper look (read more about how copper ages here), or maybe you’re more of a brass fan. Either way, you can customize any lantern to showcase the finish of your choice. The majority of our pieces have these options available, but certain models have even more finishes for you to choose from. For example, the popular CH-27 also comes in a handsome powdered black, and the HM-240 exudes coastal chic in white. Here is a full list of the finishes you might find available for your favorite lanterns.

  1. Solid copper
  2. Aged Bronze
  3. Powder coated black
  4. Silver
  5. White (stark white)
  6. Floral white (warm white)
  7. Cobalt blue (bright blue)
  8. Saipan blue (a blue-mint)
  9. Marine grey (a white-ish grey hue)
  10. Grey lady (slighter darker grey)


Interior Finish

For a truly one-of-a-kind look, you can take customization one step further and change the interior finish of your lantern. This option is only available for the lanterns that have visible interior plates, such as the Georgetown Cities Collection or the Market Street Collection.

Glass Type

To add to your lantern’s presence, you can also choose which kind of glass you’d like. Just like a lot of our other ways to customize lanterns, choosing a glass type is totally up to what you prefer. We have these kinds:

  • Tempered clear
  • Seeded
  • Antique

Tempered clear is exactly what it sounds like—a tempered clear glass. Simple. Then, seeded glass offers a unique spotted appearance. Antique is similar to seeded, but it’s a bit more rippled. Each glass type is full of style and will absolutely complement your space!


You even have control over the ambiance. Depending on the use of your lantern and the atmosphere you want to create, you can use light bulbs from 15 to 60 Watts, with 60 being the brightest, of course. Consider a dimmer bulb for indoor accents and a stronger wattage for outdoor lighting purposes.



Now the fun part! (Just kidding, it’s all fun.) For a final touch, you can dictate just how flamboyant or simple your lantern is with the addition of interesting accessories. Possible accessories you can add on to your lantern include:

  • Drip candle covers
  • Solid brass candle covers
  • Crossbars to match the exterior finish
  • Top hole backplate
  • Hidden gas line
  • Pier mount and pier mount cover
  • Brass ring
  • 7-foot pole
  • Wraparound base for the pole
  • And more…

Each of these accessories depends on the lantern model you are choosing. Of course, the pole only makes sense for post lights.

customize lanterns

Midtown MT-1 in Cobalt Blue


We try to make customization as easy as possible for you! For each lantern you’re considering, simply click the furthest right tab labeled “Customize” and you’ll see all the options that are available for the particular model. As always, if you’re having trouble or need some advice, we’re always just a chat message away! Send us a message in the live chat box on the bottom of your screen, and we’ll be at your service in a jiffy.


What’s your favorite way to customize your lanterns? Do you have a favorite finish? Let us know in the comments!