February 12, 2016
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Copper’s Natural Patina

The Patina Process for Copper Lanterns and Copper Light Fixtures

Sometimes I receive an email stating, “Oh no! Something must have damaged the finish on my new copper lantern! It doesn’t look like a bright shiny penny. Please help!”

We’re here to help and to educate. The reason your copper lantern or copper light fixture doesn’t look like a brand new shiny penny, is because that lantern or light fixture is made from 100% copper metal and not painted or powder-coated to look like copper.

Copper is a natural metal, much like silver, gold, or brass. Any natural metal in its unfinished state will naturally patina over time. If you look at a brand new shiny copper penny you will notice after touching and handling that same penny over time, it will patina to a deep bronze finish.

All of our electric light fixtures, gas light fixtures, electric lanterns, and copper lanterns are made of 100% natural copper and brass. Over time, these fixtures will also patina to a nice deep bronze color. However, if a fixture is inside, the time to patina will be much longer. (Think 70 years or so!). If a fixture is outside in the elements, the patina process will start immediately and, depending on the conditions (salt water, pollution, exposure to the elements, extreme heat or cold, etc.), will completely patina to the deep bronze color in anywhere to 6 months to 2 years.

For interior fixtures, you can easily polish the patina of the copper light fixture or copper lantern to return the copper metal to its original shiny new copper finish. All you need is a green ScotchBrite pad (see pictures) and a little scrubbing to gently buff off the patina. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt the copper light fixture or copper lantern with this scrubbing. This is the same exact process we use in our factory before we ship out your copper electric light, copper gas light, copper electric lantern, or copper gas lantern.

Please keep in mind to always wear gloves when handling the copper light fixture or copper lantern. The oils in your hands will cause the copper to patina more quickly where you touch the fixture.

Please keep in mind that (like silver, gold, and brass) you may need to buff the fixture a few times a year to remove any of the patina marks. 100% natural copper light fixtures and copper lanterns will never keep their natural bright shiny copper color without maintenance. This is how you know you have a 100% copper light fixture or copper lantern instead of a powder-coated, painted, or lacquered light fixture. Many people enjoy the patina process of their copper light fixtures and copper lanterns as it ages, and we think you will too!

Karen H. Good



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