Charleston Collection | CH-29 Copper Yoke Lantern

When you want to illuminate a smaller porch, hallway, or foyer, the CH-29 hanging copper lantern with yoke from the Charleston Collection of Lantern & Scroll allows you to capture the historical flare of 19th century Charleston without overwhelming the area. Historic reproduction lighting on a smaller scale than the CH-23, this fixture measures only 35.5h x 10.5w x 10.5d

Yoke Lighting For Style

As is true with other products from the Charleston Collection, the Ch-29 has a distinctive shape that represents what a lantern looks like to many. Having eight panes of glass set in a copper frame to form an overall triangular shape, the fixture features a 14” yoke that encircles it. The yoke, originally used to encase the gas line and keep it steady in the wind so it didn’t rupture it, is now used as more of a decorative element on both gas and electric yoke lighting

The yoke will add a beautiful touch inside or out wherever the light is used. The CH-23 offers good ambient lighting as a mini-chandelier (or a pair of them) over a kitchen counter or on a porch or deck. By choosing s brighter bulb or lowering it from the ceiling, it can even function as task or pendant lighting.

Choosing Your Hanging Copper Lantern

The CH-29 is available in gas or electric. Both models rated for interior and exterior use offer solid copper, aged bronze, and black finishes, while interior lanterns also come in decorator shades of White, Floral White, Silver, Cobalt Blue, Saipan Blue, Marine Grey, and Grey Lady. We offer option for internal finishes that coordinator with your fixture as well.

Whether you are considering the CH-29 or more from the Charleston Collection, Lantern & Scroll will work with you to design the right hanging copper lantern for your space.

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  • (Electric) 2 Light Brass Cluster
  • (Gas) Single Brass Burner
  • Tempered Clear Glass
  • Solid Copper Finish
  • Electrical Components Brass Finish
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  • (Electric) 3 Light Brass Cluster
  • Tempered Clear Glass
  • Solid Copper Finish
  • Electrical Components Brass Finish
  • (OverallLengthOption) Standard - 35.5h
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For gas lanterns, brass is the only option.

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$ 150

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CH-29 Schematic

CH-29 Dimension

Dimensions: 35.5h x 10.5w x 10.5d  can be shortened to 29.5h
Width of the Yoke: 14.5 inches
Electric Mounting Plate Dimensions: 5.25h x 5.25w
Gas Mounting Plate Dimensions: 3 inch diameter