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For illuminating a long hall or symmetrically framing a mirror, doorway, or fireplace, the Simple Sconce is a wall light that does the job with elegance. Consisting of a single tall brass candle affixed to a rectangular copper base, the fixture is used singly or in multiples to create balance, harmony, and sufficient light for the task. The backplate made the light shine more brightly than its size dictated.

History of Wall Sconces

The design of the simple wall sconce is centuries old, as originally, torches or candles were set in fixtures attached along both sides of walls to light the interior or exterior of a home or other building. By the 17th century, sconces were often made of brass or silver, with porcelain or ormolu, pounded gold, coming into vogue in the 18th century.

While sconce design became more ornate, the purpose remained the same: to protect the wall from being consumed by flames or discolored by smoke. The very name “sconce” comes from Latin and French words that mean “a covering or protection” or that which is “covered or “covered or protected“ as the sconce

The wall light is now electrified, which makes theses fixtures a safe and beautiful option for indoors. While there are many types of electrified wall sconces, the candle sconce is the most dramatic, as its “flame” from a candelabra-based bulb both illuminates and flickers to add warm and ambience to any room.

Modern Copper Sconces Form Lantern & Scroll

The Simple Sconce Collection from Lantern & Scroll is a copper sconce that features a single dramatic brass candle holder set against a brass backplate. Its simplicity makes it work with most architectural styles and home décor, whether you stick with the original brass and bronze or choose other metallic or color combinations.

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Simple Sconce

Simple Sconce Dimensions:

28h x 3.75w x 7d