July 31, 2017
outdoor hanging lantern

We Were Featured in TWO Magazines This Month!

Any press is good press… Right? Well, luckily, the press we’ve received recently really is “good” press! No scandals here, just some stunning showcases of our popular outdoor lanterns.

We always love seeing how our customers style our products—whether they’re gorgeous hanging lanterns over a kitchen island or stately post lanterns greeting guests in the driveway, our lanterns receive new, tasteful lives once our clients find the perfect places for them.

So, today, we’d like to show you two instances where clients have chosen to include our lanterns in their seriously beautiful homes. In both of these examples, the clients’ homes were so breathtaking that magazines featured them within the pages. And lo and behold, our lanterns made some cameos in these editorial shots. Ready to copycat these clients’ fabulous style?


Cameo #1: Charleston Collection Lanterns in Traditional Home

We’re not gonna lie—when we saw our Charleston collection lanterns gracing the garage of this beachy Florida vacation home, we were stoked. Traditional Home is one of our favorite shelter publications and we couldn’t be more honored to be seen in its pages! Below is the shot featuring two of our Charleston Collection gas lanterns, CH 27.

outdoor lanterns garage

A portrait of the family whose home was featured in Traditional Home’s article, “Shore Thing”
Credit: Jean Allsopp


Featured Lantern: CH-27

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But that’s not all! Another one of our lanterns can be found hanging in the upper left corner of the front of the home. This unique lantern is also from the Charleston Collection, but it is the CH-23 model. (Seriously, is this place vacation home #goals, or what?!)


outdoor hanging lantern

A southeastern Florida vacation home featured in Traditional Home’s “Shore Thing” article
Credit: Jean Allsopp


Featured Lantern: CH-23

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Cameo #2: Canaan Cities Lanterns in Charlotte Home Design & Decor

Our second magazine moment that took place this month was in none other than local publication Charlotte Home Design & DecorIn their outdoor trends roundup titled “Sublime Time,” you can find our CC-2001 lantern from the Canaan Cities Collection making an appearance for its modern sophistication. The clean lines on this lantern are a favorite amongst many, and we love how it was paired with some Scandinavian touches for a whole new look.

You can find this spread on pages 25 and 26 of the digital magazine.

modern black lantern

“Sublime Time” outdoor trends roundup in Charlotte Home Design & Decor


Featured Lantern: CC-2001

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If you’re curious about any of these three popular outdoor lanterns and how they might look in your home, don’t hesitate to send us an email or live-chat us right here on the website! We love helping your home decor visions come to life!