April 26, 2016
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Paris Inspiration

Paris Offers Inspirations for Our Lanterns and Light Fixtures



Paris, France.


Paris, the City of Light, or the City of Lights as it should be known, was a recent stop on our quest for new inspiration for our copper light fixtures, electric light fixtures, copper lanterns, gas lanterns, and electric lanterns.


Our team journeyed to Paris recently, in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, to accomplish 2 things:

  1. We wanted to show as an American manufacturer that we support France.
  2. We wanted to contribute to France’s vibrant and inspiring economy, one which is, like our own, also built on manufacturing, small business companies, and family owned businesses.


We loved Paris. Who wouldn’t? Taking in the streetscapes around Notre Dame, St. Germain, and the bohemian districts of the city, we knew immediately why people call Paris the most romantic city in the world. Like our own copper lanterns, gas lanterns, electric lanterns, gas lights, electric lights, gas light fixtures, and electric light fixtures, Paris reflects a certain je ne sais quoi.


Paris is an architectural delight, very refined and created by generations of dedicated local artisans. We felt right at home in Paris, and admired the beautiful tradition and classic designs of street lighting, front door lights, post lights, front door lanterns, post lanterns, outside lights, and exterior lights we found throughout its leafy streets and boulevards. The copper gas lanterns, copper gas lights, copper electric lanterns, and copper electric lights we saw reflected the city’s timeless age, and made us miss the copper lanterns, copper lights, and copper light fixtures we manufacture in the USA which grace many of the hotels in beautiful, historic Charleston, South Carolina. There was definitely a parallel between the two cities, a timeless elegance one cannot describe.


Paris we already miss you and your inspiring energy.



Karen H. Good



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