June 10, 2016
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Newport, Rhode Island

Newport Grandeur Provides Inspiration for Our Outdoor Light Fixtures.

Newport, Rhode Island

As part of our quest to travel around the country and world in search of our founder’s inspiration, we recently travelled to Newport, Rhode Island. A town that owes its grandeur to American industrialism and American owned factories. Newport occupies a sweeping swath of the Southeastern coast of Rhode Island, and the town’s impressive and famous mansions, such as “The Breakers”, stand steadfast against both the mighty Atlantic Ocean and time itself.

These impressive homes pay homage to their early American industrialist owners and the attention to detail in the home’s exterior and interiors are evidence of solid American craftsmanship, this same type of quality and age old attention to detail which we, at Lantern & Scroll strive to put into every one of our American made, copper gas lighting, electric lighting, gas lanterns, and electric lanterns.

The homes of Newport signify a special place in American history, as part of the gilded age when nothing but quality mattered. This was the inspiration for our Newport Cities Collection. The streets of Newport are filled with brick, stone, and clapboard homes, and the streets are lined with copper lanterns, gas lanterns, and electric lanterns which evoke an image of American culture, both classic and modern.

Copper lighting is so popular and engrained in the Newport culture that there are even restaurants based on the gas lantern which use lights strikingly similar to the Charleston Collection copper lantern, Vauxhall Collection copper lantern, and Broad Street Collection copper lantern as their logos, how flattering!

American exceptionalism and attention to detail are lasting qualities which define both the town of Newport and all of our Lantern & Scroll copper electric lights, gas lights, electric lanterns, and gas lanterns.

Go travel and find your inspiration!


Karen H. Good