March 16, 2016
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How Copper Ages

How Copper Light Fixtures and Copper Lanterns Age

All of our American made electric lights, gas lights, electric light fixtures, gas light fixtures, electric lanterns, and gas lanterns are made of 100% natural copper and brass. Over time, these copper light fixtures and copper lanterns will patina to a deep bronze color.

Copper is a natural metal, much like silver, gold, or brass. Any natural metal in its unfinished state will naturally patina over time. If you look at a brand new shiny copper penny you will notice after touching and handling that same penny over time, it will patina to a deep bronze finish.

Below I outline some examples and time frames for the copper light fixture and copper lantern patina process. However, your particular copper light fixture, copper light, or copper lantern might vary in how quickly the patina process occurs. We usually see that copper outdoor lights and copper exterior lights near the ocean will patina more quickly than copper outdoor lights and copper exterior lights located inland.

Also, copper electric lights and copper light fixtures located inside will take a very long time to patina to the deep bronze finish.

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Karen H. Good