April 11, 2017
John Street Collection JS-1X bronze lantern hanging lantern copper lantern electric lantern traditional electric lantern traditional lantern traditional hanging light coastal lighting

Tips for Decorating with Lantern Lighting Indoors

So, you love the look of lanterns, but you’re having a hard time visualizing them in your home. It’s a difficult decision to make, after all! Especially since indoor lanterns come in a variety of styles and offer all kinds of display options, it can be a bit overwhelming to actually choose your lanterns and decorate accordingly.

That’s where we come in. We want you to love your lanterns as much as we do, so we’re giving you our best tips for decorating with lantern lighting indoors. After you’re done reading this article, our hope is that you’ll never puzzledly look at a space again. You’ll be able to see an empty area and immediately know which lantern lighting to place there. (Of course, we’re always available for decor help if you still have trouble figuring out what lanterns to put where.)

Let’s see where your next lanterns will go!


Illuminate the Stairway or Entryway

John Street Collection JS-2X black lantern bronze lantern hanging lantern copper lantern electric lantern traditional electric lantern traditional lantern traditional hanging light coastal lighting

Hanging a lantern near the foyer or a back door is a great way to welcome guests with a gorgeous glow in an otherwise darker part of the home. Whether you like a traditional or a posh feel, there are a wide variety of lantern lighting that will complement your home’s interior to properly light up the stairway or entryway.  Featured in the picture above is our John Street X Collection, the JS 2X.


Complete Your Farmhouse Kitchen

decorating with indoor lanterns

What’s not to love about a rustic chic farmhouse kitchen? A stunning wooden table accented by galvanized steel and other stylish accessories is a sight coveted by many Southerners. And the best way to finish off your farmhouse kitchen is to brighten it up with rustic lanterns of your choice. They look fantastic hanging over the kitchen island; just take a look at the examples here and here. The picture above is our popular John Street X Collection, JS 1X in plain copper and brass.


Accessorize an Accent Table

decorating with lanterns

Even though most of our lanterns are made to hang or stand on a post, we can’t help but love them sitting solo, too. A beautiful way to incorporate a dimensional focal point in any area of your home is to place about three lanterns of varying sizes in a cluster on an accent table. Not only is this a chic decoration technique, but it always works double-duty, providing a warm glow to the space. Plus, lanterns are all the rage for wedding centerpieces, but that’s a post for a different day.


Style a Statement

decorating with lanterns

Sometimes all you need is an eye-catching light fixture to really amp up a room. A great way to get the most out of your lantern is to fixate it as the focal point. Add some drama with a large-and-in-charge flush mount lantern like the picture above (featuring model JS-2f). You can employ this styling technique everywhere from the TV room to the foyer—just go with your gut!


Pair Wall Mounts to Create a Frame

decorating with lanterns

Lastly, you can show guests how clever you are by using wall mounts indoors. Our lanterns are easily customizable to match your home’s color scheme, which means there are plenty of possibilities for incorporating them into your decor. A special trick you can use is to pair two wall mounts and use them symmetrically on either side of a large mirror or picture. Doing so creates a frame and invites guests to stop and take a look, kind of like a museum, but a lot more inviting and stylish. The wall lanterns featured above our from our Old Village Collection, OV 175 in our bronze finish.


Are you ready to get to decorating with lanterns? Check out our best-selling John Street X Collection for a clean aesthetic that accents many home styles. You won’t be disappointed!