March 23, 2017
backyard lanterns

Our Backyard Lanterns in Charlotte Home + Garden Feature Home!

It’s not every day you see a house featured in a local magazine and recognize it… Of course, it’s also not every day that you get to contribute your exterior lighting to a home as stunning as the Vanderbergs’! The house might look like a fairytale-come-true (see the photos in the article), but just wait until you hear the actual story behind this home. It’s like it came straight from a storybook!


From Charlotte Home + Garden’s “Stewards of History”:

When Carolyn Vanderberg, then Carolyn Pou, was 10 years old, she took piano lessons from a woman who lived at The Carlton, a condominium complex on Queens Road. As Carolyn’s mother drove her to lessons one day, they noticed a familiar car on the side of the road. In it was the older sister of Carolyn’s friend, and the 16-year-old had run out of gas in her new car. Carolyn’s mom went to get gas in exchange for a promise that the car would never fall below a quarter-tank again. The girls waited with the car, and Carolyn couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful brick colonial home nearby.

Back in the car and en route to piano lessons, Carolyn turned to her mother.

“I just love that house,” she said. “I’m going to live in it one day.”

The home went up for sale in 2006, and Carolyn and her husband, Matt, bought it. The following February, they moved in. Living in Carolyn’s dream home, which turned 100 years old this year, wasn’t always a dream, however. The house needed a lot of work.

How cool is Mrs. Vanderberg’s story? Of course, as you read, the house needed some serious renovations. The Vanderbergs persevered to preserve this historic house through multiple floods. They also expanded the backyard into the jaw-dropping oasis you see today. And part of that beautiful backyard is lit by our T-30 Lanterns from the Tradd Street Collection.  We were so excited that Mrs. Vanderberg chose our American made copper post lanterns for this addition. The natural gas lanterns offer a charming ambiance to the new courtyard.

Backyard Lanterns Add a Touch of Class and Atmosphere

backyard lanterns

The Tradd Street Collection T-30 backyard lanterns featured in this image of the Vanderbergs’ house are made from solid copper and brass and we stand behind all of our copper lanterns with a lifetime warranty.  These gas lanterns provide an unforgettable ambiance to just about any outdoor space. We love them especially for the Vanderbergs’ colonial-style home because these lanterns are stately and complement the classic look perfectly. Don’t you agree? If you are looking for a less ornate and less expensive option check out our Charleston Collection exterior light fixtures.

backyard lanterns, gas lanterns

Gas post copper lantern, Tradd Street Collection, T 30


Lighting up your backyard with lanterns doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Especially with so many options, you’ll be able to find your ideal outdoor lighting fixtures in our showroom, no matter your taste. As for the rest of your backyard, these courtyards are seriously lust-worthy. Just imagine how much better they’d look with glowing post lanterns adding dimension and class!