July 1, 2015

Pledge to Buy American this Independence Day

Buy American - American Made

Buy American

Let’s make Independence Day at day for resolutions.

Let’s all resolve to buy more American made products this year.  We all know that buying American made helps the “US economy.” But what exactly is the “US economy?” I’ll tell you. The “US economy” is myself and my 2 amazing employees in our showroom in Charlotte, NC. The “US economy” is our 25 employees in our factory in Cayce, SC. The “US economy” is all our US suppliers who strive to provide only American made products: ABCO Brass, Corrugated Boxes, etc.

America used to be a country at the forefront of manufacturing.

Today America is at the forefront of design and innovation, but often outsources the manufacturing to other countries. With this outsourcing comes a loss in revenue to American workers. According to US News, since 2001, outsourcing to China has cost the US 3.2 million jobs!

Lantern & Scroll prides itself on the American made badge. All of our gas lanterns and electric lanterns are designed and crafted in South Carolina. By keeping the manufacturing close to home we can offer the consumer a myriad of customization options for their gas lanterns and electric lanterns; customizations in a matter of weeks not months waiting on a container to arrive from overseas. Keeping manufacturing and oversight close to home is always a win for the consumer.

If you have shopped around for light fixtures, you know this American made tag doesn’t have to mean a significant increase in cost. In fact, Lantern & Scroll is very competitive in price to many mass-produced Chinese manufactured fixtures. So, consumer, if given the choice why would you not want to support all the aforementioned Americans who help produce your light? Just think, with 1 swipe of your credit card you are supporting so many American jobs!

Declare Independence!

This Independence Day why don’t we all declare independence from other countries mass-produced sub-par goods and focus our buying power on the “US economy.” Purchasing American made gas lanterns and electric lanterns is just a start.

Karen H. Good, President