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Fall Fun At Charleston’t Kiawah island

A unique vacation experience, Kiawah Island, just 25 miles off the coast of Charleston, offers historic sites with brass lanterns, legendary golf courses, beautiful beaches, 30 miles of paved trails plus 10 miles of walkable beach, and more. Owned since Revolutionary War times by the Vanderhorst family, the island was sold to investment companies in […]


Enjoying The Farm-To-Table Cuisine Of Charleston Restaurants

Charleston has an abundance of excellent restaurants that serve top quality food, but many of them go the extra step of being farm-to-table and are part of a movement to inform restaurant patrons about exactly what they’re eating, where it came from, and how it was produced. Local eateries who claim to be farm-to-table use […]

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Old Buildings You’ll Want To See In Charleston

Whether you are fascinated by historic architecture or you want to share the wonders of the past with your children, Charleston is the place to visit. As the oldest city in South Carolina, Charleston’s buildings show the influence of Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Classic Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Victorian, and Art Deco styling. With about 2,800 […]

church street on parade - Travel Tips

Church Street On Parade

Modern visitors to Charleston might flock to Church Street for its great hotels and restaurants and its picturesque traditional gas lanterns, but the history of the street is too significant to miss. One of the city’s oldest streets, Church Street was named for the churches located there. Located on the east side of the city near […]

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Discovering East Bay Street’s Rainbow Row

In a city distinguished by many sites to see, the Rainbow Row of 13 homes on East Bay Street is one of the most interesting parts of Charleston. The pastel paint on the homes, accented by modern outdoor lanterns, make the west side of East Bay Street, between Tradd Street and Elliot Street one of the […]

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Best Summer Trips to Charleston

With summer being the time that many families take vacation, the number one question is where to go that meets the criteria of being fun, interesting, and affordable. Charleston has something for everyone; a bit of forethought will assure that everyone from child to adult has the kind of time that will make them to […]

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Visiting Newport, RI – The City That Inspired A Lighting Collection

Newport is a charming coastal city located on Aquidneck Island in Newport County, Rhode Island that retains many buildings from the Colonial era and beyond that infuse historic charm into the area. Brick paved streets, old gas post lanterns reminiscent of Charleston, and clapboard houses in the historic district provide an interesting backdrop to an area known […]

Revisit Vauxhall Gardens With Its London inspired Traditional Lanterns - Travel Tips

Revisit Vauxhall Gardens With Its London-inspired Traditional Lanterns

Of the 109 square acres of land in the city of Charleston, more than 20% is currently devoted to public parks, while many properties, even in the historic downtown have private gardens. There was a time, however, when a third type of green space was offered to paying visitors who came to enjoy walks, refreshments, […]

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Bringing Historic Tradd Street To Life With Outdoor Copper Lighting

Tradd Street, which cuts across Charleston from the Ashley River to the Cooper River, frequently appears on lists of historic streets to view in modern Charleston. Paved with cobblestone and naturally-rounded Belgian block, the homes are illuminated with copper carriage lanterns, a feature that remains constant even as old homes are continuously renovated to meet the […]

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Welcome To Vendue Range, Inspiration For Outdoor Copper Lighting

As the oldest and largest city in South Carolina, Charleston has many points of interest that harken back to its early days as a commercial port. Vendue Range, a street that now leads to a waterfront park with a beautiful fountain, was once a thriving center populated with shoppers who flocked to booths marked by […]

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Why Charleston Is The Best City For A Vacation

No matter what you want in a vacation spot, you can’t go wrong choosing Charleston, South Carolina. As the Huffington Post recently pointed out, it may be unequivocally the “best city in the world” as it offers great weather, friendly people, and lots to do for visitors. Charleston, though a modern city that is one of the […]

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What to Bring on the Plane When Traveling with Baby or Toddler

This is the second post in our travel series! To see the first post on the best baby travel gear to bring, head over here. Today we’re going over some of the must-have items we bring on the plane when traveling with baby or toddler. Some of these things may be no-brainers, while others might […]